There are neat retro products out there like the ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset or the Victorian Retro Phone Handset. Though these are really nice devices, its somehow still not the same feeling like in the old days using the original products from the past. My parents still have this "Hrabia" phone, not in use anymore but fully functional. Yes, one of the first phones used at home with a dial plate! "What do you want to do with it?" my mother asked, "Actually... use it!" i answered and thought, what if i could get it to work over voip, jumping to the past every time a phone call is made? :)

Did you read how i put a Mikrotik Sextant in a pot or how i use Mobile PoE via USB for upto 5V devices like Ubiquiti? If not, here i'll describe how to power a Mikrotik RouterBoard via PoE and USB. I came up with this idea after the success with using a Bullet on the go, so i was curious if that would be possible with a RouterBoard SXT 5HPnd too. Initially i just tried the same cable i used for Ubiquiti but it seemed the SXT doesn't get enough volts because it reboots a few seconds after powering on. Using two USB-Ports wouldnt help as this just doubles the mA, not the voltage. Simple like it is for Ubiquiti, its not that simple for Mikrotik, but with a small addition to the cable it works also to power the SXT.

Recently we updated our FreePBX and since then just one person couldn't phone me, else everything is working ok.

After some investigation for what is going on, i found error 488 which usually is with incompatible codecs. But looking at that everything looks fine so that couldn't be the cause.

Because (nearly) no laptop has a connector for an external WiFi antenna and i couldn't find a 5GHz USB adapter with external antenna connector, i was curious if its possible to power an Ubiquiti Bullet M on the go. After thinking about what battery to use as power source so it fits the PoE specifications, the idea came up to use the laptop-battery, but what in turn would be too much tinkering too. So what connectors are available on a laptop which give at least the power required according to the specs?